Photo by Jason Manley

Photo by Jason Manley


Servitude privileges are possible for submissives age 18 or older, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion.
Domination sessions are non-sexual, require clear consent, + age/ID verification.

Visit the Kinks page to view My specialties + limits. 
If you do not see your kink, you may politely state your interests + I will decide if I am interested.

Itching to submit? Fill out a session request form to discuss further. Deposit is required to book, rates discussed privately.

Other Opportunities

  • Pay for dates with My boyfriend

  • Fund My vacations

  • Pay for My manicures +/or pedicures. I might let you pick the color, + you'll receive exclusive content.

  • Run My errands {Must be in Austin, TX}

  • Cover My monthly expenses

  • Into feeding? Pay for My meals + get to see Me devour them.

Travel Dates 2018
Houston, Texas – March 24-25
Seattle, Washington – May 9-14
Chico, California – August 9-11
Houston, Texas – September 22-23
Availability is limited while traveling.

Travel Dates 2019
New Orleans, LA – January 17-21

*Guarantees one hour at a discrete, fully-equipped dungeon. Additional time discussed privately.